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Spice Chains in Upland Vietnam

Spice Chains in Upland Vietnam

  • sorting-star-anise.jpg

    Sorting Star Anise

  • Star Anise

    Star Anise

  • landscape-Yen-Bai.jpg

    Landscape in Yen Bai

  • research-assistant.jpg

    Researcher Ngô Thúy Hạnh with cinnamon cultivators

  • star-anise-on-tree.jpg

    Star Anise on Tree

  • star-anise-processing.jpg

    Star Anise Processing

  • star-anise-billboard.jpg

    Star Anise Billboard

  • cinnamon-in-Yen-Bai.jpg

    Cinnamon in Yen Bai

  • cinnamon transport

    Cinnamon Transport

What does the ‘social life’ of spices tell us about interethnic relationships, economic development, global entanglements and the meanings and making of indigenous commodities? The ‘Spice Chains’ project traced three spices—star anise, cinnamon and cardamon—as they passed through numerous different hands and cultural domains on their journey from their origins as a forest product from upland northern Vietnam to a global food or pharmaceutical commodity.

The project was based on a collaboration with researchers from Switzerland, Vietnam and Canada. The Swiss part of the project was funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and coordinated by Annuska Derks.

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